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Direct Integrated Marketing

Business retention and development has never been so competitive. New mediums, free platforms, web presence, social media presence, e-commerce etc. has made it exasperating, labour intensive and burdensome. The bottom line has always been return on dollars.

With C Me Mail's direct marketing strategies we can help you pin point your target market and customize your message to resonate specifically to that sector. Harmony and cohesion of messaging is paramount so the forward plan is built around your existing brand while expanding it to mean more to your growing audience. Print and Mail is the most powerful when it drives and re-enforces your online persona.

With the help of our data analyses of your existing marketing activities, we will provide the black and white numbers don't lie results. This will alleviate any guess work and (we always do it that way) mentality which will assist in clearer driven marketing decisions, messaging and follow up initiatives.


C Me Print and Mail offers full creative services. If you don't have hi res print files or pdf's not to worry! Help our team better help you create the piece you've envisioned but haven't the skills to create. We don't profess to know your business as well as you do, but after a thorough discovery review, it will help us better understand your business and your vision for the marketing piece. Our time and consultation is always free of charge!

Digital Print

Ideal for small print runs and versatile for both changing images and variable messaging. A proven fast and professional medium, variable messaging increases response as it is both name and information specific to your correspondent. Our Dynamic programming allows these embedded ques to alter the message specific to your target providing the sense this was individually created for them. Digital printing is an extremely cost effective, high quality solution and is also ideal for postcards to brochures, flyers to newsletters and rack cards.