Your One Stop Printing Solution

For more than 30 years, C Me Mail has been renowned for our mailing services and expertise. Our recently expanded list of services includes digital and offset printing. The aim is to provide our existing and new clients the flexibility for smaller print runs, which traditionally come at higher costs, but at a far more competitive rate. Because of this, businesses of all sizes can now afford full colour commercial printing!

The Benefits of C Me Print and Mail

Our print on demand and superior turnaround times ensures both cost and turnaround are market leaders.
Whether it be print on demand variable letters, annual reports, appeal mailings, from flyers, brochures, postcards or letterhead we have the skill and the expertise to insure your communications piece reflects your high quality and standards. We also consult, design, and produce your visual identity across multiple formats to insure cohesion of messaging and branding.
C Me Print and Mail provides you with a one-stop shop approach for all your printing needs. Your print, combined with our superior mailing knowledge will fully integrate your communications piece from design, print, and mail.
Large or small, C Me Print and Mail specializes in providing our clients customized solutions for an array of integrated applications.
Mailing services include polywrapping, machine folding, machine envelope insertion, inkjet printing, laser printing, direct mailing, postal services, data processing, storage and fulfillment services amongst others.

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Direct Integrated Marketing

Business retention and development has never been so competitive. New mediums, free platforms, web presence, social media presence, e-commerce etc. has made it exasperating, labour intensive and burdensome. The bottom line has always been return on dollars.

10 Things Groupon Won't Tell You

10 Things Groupon Won't Tell You
1) "50% off? Not really."
Steep discounts are the cornerstone of the pitch for daily deal web sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial, which promise 50% off or better at a local restaurant, spa, fitness center or other shop – if enough people sign up (and pre-pay) before the limited-time offer expires. But the discount may be much less once you factor in taxes, tip and any un-covered portion of the bill.